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   Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers 

321/97/17091997 Regd. under section 10 of TN Societies Registration Act, 1975


Indian Society of Automotive Engineers ISAE
164/97/23051997 Regd. under section 10 of TN Societies Registration Act, 1975
Indian Society of  Production Engineers ISPE
356/97/20101997 Regd. under section 10 of TN Societies Registration Act, 1975
Indian Society of  Aerospace Engineers ISAE
355/97/20101997 Regd. under section 10 of TN Societies Registration Act, 1975
Indian Society of  Airconditioning & Refrigeration Engineers ISARE
157/04/08062004 Regd. under section 10 of TN Societies Registration Act, 1975
Society of Professional Engineers (SPE) India 
336/04/19112004 Regd. under section 10 of TN Societies Registration Act, 1975

"The Society incorporated and established for the Standards of Engineering Education & Advanced technology developments in Mechanical, Automotive, Aerospace, Mechatronics, Industrial & Production, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering"


The Innovative Society of Mechanical Engineering
for Chartered & Incorporated Professional Engineers (ISME CIPEng) is our very old website. Shortly, the current information will be updated.

All communication will be sent to:

Please refer the current information in our

ISME associated for Educational activities with USA UNIVERSITY DEGREE
B.S.,B.Tech., M.S., M.Tech, PhD,
Post Doctoral 

Those who don't have
the Basic Bachelor Degree, Master, PhD., & Post Doctoral Degree Certificate are eligible for writing the Online Study program & Examination of PART 1 to PART 5  ISME  to Qualify the Bachelor, Master, PhD and Post Doctoral Degree Certificate of ISME Affiliated US University which is based on the Professional Credential Evaluation, Like the previous Certificate, Experience, Awards,  Dedicated Service, Scientific Research Journal Editorial Board Member, Reviewer,
Project, Research Paper, Higher Level Designation, Professional Membership, Fellowship, Professional Engineer and Chartered Engineer Registration .

ISME Professional Evaluation 
ISME  Professional Evaluator is the society for Credential evaluating the State and Central Government Approved Degree, Diploma and Certificates of Individuals assessment with the Innovative knowledge and professional experience, project, paperwork, for the award of ISME  Professional Membership Qualification Registration Certificate and Fellowship for their professional Recognition.

Affiliated Professional body

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     Call & WhatsApp: +91 9003571691




ISME | Mechanical Engineering Membership | Awards | Editorial Board Member Registration | Mechanical |Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME) Madras

The Innovative Global Scientific Researchers, Educationalist- Professionals Awards &

Fellowship Honors Convocation 2024

Venue: Auditorium,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date: 20th - 23rd October 2024 (Tentative)

The Society of Innovative Educationalists &

Scientific Research Professional Chennai

Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers

International Conference on Dissemination of 
Innovative Scientific Research Strategies (ICDISRS 2024)



Team of 290 ,  Fellow Grade Members of ISME – SIESRP  visited , National University of Singapore (SERIS- Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore)  on 18th October 2018 & University Technology Mara, Saha Alam, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia on 20th October 2018 for International convention.

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About ISME

Purpose of Establishment

Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME) Madras, a professional body which was established and initiated, the ISME, by Er. K.Rajendran, an Educationalist & Journalist and the society was registered in 1997 to cater for the needs and interests of Engineering graduates & professionals. ISME aims to promote the development of mechanical engineering and machinery technology and contribute to industrial development in accordance with the provisions of the act on the establishment and operation of educational activities in order to contribute to the interests of society in general. It is the oldest and best academic society with large members, and it has contributed to the academic development of mechanical engineering in India.

ISME membership helps you grow both personally and professionally. Get moving, get connected, and get engaged today with excellent awards.ISME is a strategic alliance partner of ISRPM – Innovative Scientific Research Professional Malaysia Sdn Bhd.   International registered in Malaysia  as a  non-profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of the technological in  Malaysia

Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline that was developed from the application of principles from physics and materials science. Mechanical engineering involves the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of various systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.

The field requires a solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials science, and energy. Mechanical engineers use the core principles as well as other knowledge in the field to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, motor vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices.


ISME is an established key player in the world of engineering and technology. We value our members, Our excellence in professional development and our national reputation. ISME is now taking forward the challenges of future. It will ensure that the role of engineers and technologists in various industries that have an impact on our daily lives is understood. ISME takes on the role of developing , promoting and announcing the progression of  Mechanical Science and transfers the technology to its Professional Members and, in turn, members of the global community.ISME operates throughout India in several cities and has more Professional Members as well as institutional Patrons.

Aims And Objectives

ISME seeks to bring together individuals, and institutions and Govt . agencies & industries and Education to evolve and develop Engineering practices in India. Apart from upgrading the professional skills of its members,

ISME also aims at the following

To spread the benefits of Engineering Education to the les privileged.

To advance the status and roles of engineering practice

To facilitate interaction between members of Engineering Societies throughout the world.

To represent the opinion of Members of the society, on matters related to the objects of society.

To promote the values of Engineering and Technology and its applications.

Promoting continuing education and training.

ISME Benefits & Why To Join

Mechanical Engineering Certificate of Examination & Membership enhances the knowledge, skill and competency of engineering professionals and also elevates their career by making them a member of an elite group of engineers. The rise in demand of competent engineers in the world necessitates the importance of assessment.

You are a Member of   an Indian pride Professional Organization.

  • Exemption for Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV ISME Post Diploma Examination.

  • Nomination for Scientific Research society Registration title as FSIESRP  through The Society of Innovative Educationalist & Scientific Research Professional.

  • Publish your articles in Technical Education Today magazine for engineering community development.

  • Gain recognition for engineering experience and professional accomplishments.

  • ISME membership helps you grow both personally and professionally. Get moving, get connected, and get engaged today with excellent awards.

  • Professional Consultation and suggestions will be provided.

  • You have joined an academic fraternity of over more strong professionals.

  • You will be given preference to attend the ISME associated organization convention.

  • As well as the priority to nominate the ISME associated organization Awards.

  • Innovative Member of Scientific Research Journals Malaysia.Member of Innovative Scientific Research Professional Malaysia sdn bhd  

  • Nomination for Professional Engineering Registration as P.Engr (Professional Engineer) through the Society of Professional Engineers (SPE) India

  • ISME is your Gateways in assisting to get the International Professional Membership UK ,USA and other Countries.

ISME is the most relevant professional Organization from all those working in the field of engineering and technology both in the private and public sector who wish to share their practical experience and improve their art and skills for the benefits of themselves in their career development and for the wider benefit of various disciplines of engineering. So it is essential for engineering professional to apply for membership to upgrade their technical status.

ISME Commitments To Professionals

Engineering is a rewarding fulfilling career. ISME commitment is to provide update resources and a highly developed structure that will enable our members to meet the complex challenges of the modern world. Membership is a solid evidence of an individuals commitment for enhancing his or her technical knowledge, practical skills and exposure

ISME Network

ISME is a growing network of engineering Professional Society having world-wide link to update technical knowledge for their members.

ISME organizing  the following businesses to achieve the aforesaid objectives:

  1. Institutional Membership

  2. Institutional Awards

  3. Publication of journal

  4. Student Membership

  5. Consultation and suggestions

  6. Student Chapter Establishment

  7. Individual Professional Membership Qualification

  8. Other businesses needed to achieve other objectives

  9. Members can submit papers to society journals.

  10. Members can attend the convention, academic chapter activities, and so on at ISME-sponsored academic     


How to Apply
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